Henderson's Film Industries

Praise for Henderson's Film Industries
"John Henderson, on his own time and money, has developed over several years a unique series of documentaries on film directors which deserve the widest possible schoolroom, TV and theatrical presentation."

Charles Higham. Acclaimed film critic, author and biographer.

"My congratulations for the fine work you have done over the past few years on the videos you are creating about people in films. This is so very comprehensive covering directors, screenwriters, producers, actors, composers, film editors, studio heads and cinematographers. These videos are an invaluable addition to the archiving of material about people involved in the making of films"

Robert Wise. Multi Academy Award winning Producer and Director.

"The goals of your films are extraordinary. Your interviews with me as well as other film people were excellent and educational. Both the educational and commercial elements of all your work will in my opinion be largely successful."

Leonard Rosenman. Multi Academy Award winning Composer.

"I was profoundly impressed with your work and the sweep of it!"

Edward Anhalt. Multi Academy Award winning Screenwriter.

"I think your efforts in doing these projects is very noble and will be rewarding to the young people of tomorrow. I enjoyed working with you and hope that your works will inspire future filmmakers"

Virginia Mayo. Legendary film star.


Henderson's Film Industries