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Having been brought up in a film industry family and spending much of his early life surrounded by film people and visiting film sets, it was probably natural that William A. Henderson's grandson John W. Henderson would develop an interest in the industry.

John recalls "As a boy of eight or nine I remember visiting the sets of 'Indiana Jones' at Elstree and 'Superman III' at Pinewood. I took every opportunity to go on private visits to studios where my grandfather had been based throughout his long career. I enjoyed meeting former associates of his and hearing about the heyday of the British film industry when we could compete with Hollywood under the leadership of such producers and studio heads as Alexander Korda, Herbert Wilcox and Michael Powell to name but a few."

After leaving college and working briefly in the city of London in the 1990's, John decided that he would never be happy working outside the film industry and in 1997, after contacting several of his grandfather's friends and associates for advice and guidance he embarked on the first of many trips to Hollywood to interview directors who had started their careers in the 'studio era'.

Initially these interviews were conducted and filmed using a High 8 video camera with the idea of them being archived for use by future students of film. However the first series of interviews with legendary directors Robert Wise, Richard Fleischer and Vincent Sherman went so well that it was suggested to John that he should invest in the latest hi-tech digital video cameras, employ a camera man and re-shoot the material for broadcast. On returning to Hollywood in 1998 and with generous support from the Hollywood community, they agreed to their interviews being re-shot (each lasting on average 8-10 hrs) John started shooting the first series which became known as 'American and British Directors.

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