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American and British Cinema - Then and Now

Due to the wide acclaim that the series of documentaries profiling American and British directors received, John felt that  it would be a challenge to expand the series to include eminent people from other areas of film making. This developed into a companion series entitled 'Hollywood- Then and Now’ profiling the work of amongst others producers, screenwriters, actors, choreographers, cinematographers, editors and composers.

Once again, due to the extensive co-operation of the Hollywood community, John has been able to film profiles of leading producers such as Richard Zanuck, Philip Yordan,  Walter Mirisch, Walter Seltzer, Howard W. Koch and Robert Chartoff.

Screenwriters whom have been filmed to date include Edward Anhalt, John Briley, Ernest Lehman, Philip Yordan, Melville Shavelson, Hal Kanter, Burt Kennedy, Abby Mann, Elliott Baker and Abraham Polonsky.

Composers including Leonard Rosenman, David Raksin and Laurence Rosenthal were also filmed discussing their long and illustrious careers.

Many leading cinematograpers including Gilbert Taylor, Guy Green, Owen Roizman, John Toll, Allen Daviau, William A. Fraker, Haskell Wexler, John Bailey, Vilmos Zsigmond, Oswald Morris, Christopher Challis, Billy Williams, Alex Thomson, Freddie Francis, Alan Hume, Douglas Milsome, David Watkin, Victor J. Kemper and Gerry Fisher have also been profiled.

A personal highlight for John was the participation of choreographer/director Michael Kidd giving a rare interview about his work and the opportunity to interview the former head of editing at Warner Brothers, Rudi Fehr. Other editors who John has interviewed at length include Michael Kahn, John Bloom, Anne V. Coates, Richard Best, Martin Walsh, Terry Rawlings and Noreen Ackland.

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Henderson's Film Industries